Anonymous said:
❝ Please go outside. ❞

It’s too nice of a day outside to ruin it with that kind of attitude.


Anonymous said:
❝ My boyfriend is defending the writers because "well Kirk was undressed too" and I just ??????? UGH that's so stupid I don't even know how to reply?? ❞

You could tell him that Kirk was shown undressed of his own consent and not peeped on without his consent. Also one undressed man does not equal 3 undressed ladies.

everydayatleast said:
❝ Hello! Thank you so much for creating this blog. I was thinking that it would be lovely if Star Trek fans got together to write their own Star Trek 3 screenplay. I'm not talking about getting it produced or anything, but it would be a great way for us to reclaim our franchise, assert our right as fans to have a voice, and affirm the optimism, morality, and humanity that is the true heart of Trek. ❞

I think that would actually be a very fantastic thing for us to do, if we could accomplish coordinating that. Hell, maybe we could even have the more acting and cinematography inclined Trekkies even film it. No profit, just for kicks. That would be lovely.


Paramount: If Bob Orci directs the new Star Trek Xlll, we will boycott it. »



Anonymous said:
❝ Re: Spielberg--dunno if this clarifies him at all, but he probably didn't know it was Khan because they dropped Khan and went with an OC at that point, possibly on Spielberg's advice. Then they went back to Khan after they'd already entered principal production per Kurtzman/Orci. {The only thing I can't suss out is whether there was external pressure from Paramount, Orci made some weird comment on Trek movie last year that hinted at it.} ❞

There you go, lovelies. Make of this what you will.

- Skivvy

beware said:
❝ just wanna say, i love that you used that psych gif and "that's not very star trek of you" is my new favorite phrase. "stop. that's not very star trek of you. boldly NO." ❞

That Psych gif is my favorite response to people being racist.

Also, oh god, I have a new catchphrase.

- Skivvy

Anonymous said:
❝ One of the things that upsets me most is that the new cast have the potential to be really brilliant, but the way they've just destroyed the characters removes all hope of that. The team from the ST2009 literally said they put Spock and Uhura together to forward Spock's emotional development! Nothing to do with her own personality or development! Ugh it makes me so angry ❞

I absolutely feel your pain, anon. It drives me crazy!


- Skivvy


"I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided."

Comments posted by ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ writer Roberto Orci on an article posted by TrekMovie that was critical of the direction the new movies are taking.

"There is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t."

The comments he responded to were not overtly insulting towards him, and yet in one instance he replied by quoting Simon Pegg’s recent message to Star Trek fans who disliked the new movie - “FUCK OFF!”

"Let’s see if you actually understood the movie."

As well as that, he uses the movie’s financial success as justification for why the article is wrong. The same day, he posted several rather blunt tweets defending the movie in a similar manner.

"You prove the cliche of shitty fans."

The article in question (with comments still intact) - http://trekmovie.com/2013/09/01/star-trek-is-broken-here-are-ideas-on-how-to-fix-it/

Anonymous said:
❝ This is why Mexicans shouldn't be allowed allowed work higher than labor. You give them a higher paying job and they fuck everything up. That is the problem is the Orci is a Mexican and not white like all the other Star Trek directors. ❞


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